ACEM abacus

It has been scientifically proved that by using the abacus children use both part of brains thus bringing about total brain development improvement. Our right brain is the numerical centre and also a place from where analytical memory takes shape. It is called a analog brain and helps in creative and artistic pursuits. Left part of the brain is also called the Digital brain. It controls our capabilities of reading, writing logic and calculation. About 95% of our children use only the left Brain. They fail to use the right brain which is the seat and origin of intelligence. Abacus is so designed that it enhances the power of the right brain. Our task is to activate both parts of the brain and by using the abacus we can accomplish the same

ACEM abacus has 3 courses

  1. Sub junior for classes 1 & 2

  2. Junior abacus for classes 3 & 4

  3. Senior abacus for classes 5 & 6 ACEM abacus for Schools

ACEM abacus for Schools

NLH has launched a specially designed school based abacus program, which works well within the schools curriculum. Schools are now including our programs both within the school time as well as optional activities before or after school hours.

ACEM abacus for Business

You can join as DISTRICT/CITY partners, and can develop the business in your city, and would get a 50% share on every center that you appoint and on royalty on every student that they register.

ACEM abacus for Franchise Centre

Start your own franchise center, take training and start a profitable center from your own premises.