Easy Math-Concepts of Vedic Math

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to an ancient system of Mathematics, to be clearer, a unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles, known as “Sutras” in Vedic language. The System is based on 16 such sutras which have been rediscovered by Swami Karishan Tirthji Maharaj. With the use of these simple sutras mathematical problems can be solved within 3-5 seconds. This is the only organization providing this education in a systematic way, by providing various exercises, and study material too. This organization has been constantly endeavoring to cater the needs of students required to face the challenges for a brighter future. Every possible effort is being made to nurture the student in a warm welcoming attitude. Vedic Math has one comprised course of algebraic expressions, bar numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, divisibility, fractions, roots etc.


  • It is 10 times faster than the conventional system of math

  • It increases mental ability and intelligence

  • Helps in improving speed and accuracy

  • Eliminates the fear of mathematics

  • Develops both sides of the brain

  • Easy to apply

  • Score higher marks in examination

Course Matter:

Addition - Division - Ratios - Roots - Subtractions - Squaring - Proportion -Divisibility - Multiplications - Fractions - Percentage - Equation.

This course is suitable for students from class 7 on wards, applicable to any entrance or competitive exam too.

It comprises of 1 course book, with a test paper & certification on completing the level. It is a certified course.